Curvy Coverage

If you’re a woman with a curvy figure, finding find lingerie can feel a bit daunting. I know, I’ve been there! It doesn’t matter how body positive you are, everyone has insecurities, and lingerie can bring that all up to the surface.

That’s why, in this article, I will be talking about the ways that you can wear fine lingerie and still feel absolutely amazing in it!


  1. Choose the Right Size

 I am so guilty of not doing this! Sometimes, I choose a smaller size, so that I feel a bit better about myself, but there is no sense in that. A number is just that: a number. Choose what fits and flatters your body shape and size and you will feel, and look, so good!

When it comes to bra and cup sizes, it can be good to get a professional opinion. Make sure that you choose the right size so that your body is accentuated and supported in all the right ways.

  1. Choose the Right Fit

Do you have an hour-glass figure, but absolutely hate your hips? Choose suspenders and a sexy bra that lifts. Flatter your favorite parts and minimize what makes you uncomfortable. That isn’t about hiding your ‘flaws’, it’s about wearing the right clothes for your body shape.

If you’re uncomfortable about your stomach (I totally am!), then pick a flattering chemise or baby-doll to flatter your curves. Don’t conform to what other say is sexy. Pick the fine-lingerie that suits you and makes you feel good!

  1. Quality

Let’s be real here- us curvy girls often pay more for lingerie, and this can be a bit of a strain on the budget. That said, it really is better to go for quality pieces. Not only will they last longer, but they will feel and look better on your body (which is a major plus).

Many retail stores just don’t have lingerie that flatter my body (even though its supposedly in my size). Make sure you don’t blame yourself, or your body for this- some brands are just not good if you’re looking for quality coverage.

  1. Have fun!

Quality is fantastic, but don’t be afraid to pick up a cheap, cute set (especially if you don’t want to wear it long!) This is a great way to get a novelty fix without losing out. Also, if it doesn’t fit right, you won’t be as disappointed. I’ve done this a few times and it can be great to let off the pressure of picking a perfect outfit, and just enjoy the moment.

Lingerie needs to be supportive, but it should also be fun. Don’t let it become a headache and stop you from feeling amazing. Remember, your body shape is incredible. Celebrate it- you are absolutely deserving of amazing, quality things that make you feel like a queen.

Do you have any thoughts on picking great, sexy lingerie? Let us know below!

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