5 Lace Pieces to change the Game.

When trying to buy sexy lingerie we come across several different categories, from erotic lingerie in Canada to bridal lingerie. We also see differences in types such as bodysuit lingerie or babydolls, but regardless of what category or type of lingerie you are looking for materials cut across them. Todays material is going to be lace.

I have a personal preference for lace because of how soft and seductive it comes off. Lace is considered a sexy lingerie maker because of the bonus of it being sheer. The different threads of embroidered design that can be added and accentuate it are also a natural plus.

I have compiled a list of five daring lace styles to look for next time you choose to buy lingerie in Ottawa.

The Harriet Body Lingerie is a lace bodysuit that covers up most of the body but with sheer lace additions at the end. This teasing exposed look gives off a contrast of skin and material that helps accentuate the curves of whoever is wearing the piece.

The Giorgia Sexy Bodysuit is a daring sheer lace number that covers the mid and crotch region with a sheer lace material while the chest region is coated with a v-shaped embroidery that complements the neck area.

The Haya Body Lingerie this bodysuit is made up of a thicker lace, tulle, and embroidered lace. With a cris-cross design on the chest area and adjustable strap for comfort, this piece is both trendy and sexy.

The Olympia Body Lingerie is a great mix of cream satin and sheer lace cups. That flatters the figure and look.

The Tyrone Body Lingerie is the most risqué piece on the list, with a sheer lace body and a line of floral embroidery, matched with a low cut cup. This number is certainly daring.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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